1. Panic Attacks

From the recording A Boy Named Suicide

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Nothing to live for when I think. Can’t confront my problems so I drink. You see it’s been this way too long. No more problems when I’m gone. It’s imperative you hear what I have to say. It don’t make sense right now but it will someday. “What’s important is staying gold inside.” Those were the last words before died. No one knows exactly when it’s really going to hit. I’m a paranoid schizophrenic trying to predict. I can ignore death’s pictures that nobody wants to see. It’s serious, it’s obvious this life don’t belong to me. Well, bad decisions have become a way of life. Instead of getting closer I feel like I’m left behind. I’ll never trust the earth and I’ll never trust the sky. The cause of my anxiety is knowing I’m going to die. I’m manic depressive no employers will hire me. Now I have no income just because of my disease. My house has broken windows and no electricity. I’ll collect unemployment and file bankruptcy. So indecisive I can’t decide who I want to be. I never had a choice I was born in this debris. I’m a hypochondriac who finds it hard to breathe. Flashback’s and panic attacks are getting the best of me. Can’t go wrong when nothing that’s left is right. Can’t cure a cancer that’s not in sight. Can’t afford medication that the doctors prescribe. How long will these pills keep me alive?