From the recording A Boy Named Suicide

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Domestic Violence

Walking down the street tonight with a bottle of whiskey, not feeling right. She carved my soul out with a knife. She was pretty cool at the very start, then she went and cheated and she broke my heart. Then she took my trust and tore it all apart. Woke up in Southwest with no light of day. Lost inside myself, these thoughts won’t go away. I did something stupid, Now it’s time to pay. Oh, but I’m alone. The truth is in your eyes. You sleep with other guys. You are my demise. You’re the one I despise. I can’t put up with your lies. You and me will never compromise. She became a hype. Couldn’t put down that pipe. That’s when we began to fight. Oh, but I’m alive. I lie awake all night, sick with no appetite. This feeling isn’t right. Lesson I never learn, you continue to watch me burn. I was never none of your concern. Ruined our happy home with the creeps that called your phone. You made me feel so alone.