From the recording A Boy Named Suicide

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Where were you on the night that I died and all the times I drank alone and cried? At the end of the tunnel there’s no light. I can’t escape the darkness every night. You weren’t on my side through all the years I tried. Even when I confide, you always swallowed my pride. You were never on my side. She’s the one who turned her back on me. I’m as gullible as anyone can be. Never forget the day you slammed that door. No one wants you around here no more. I get so tired and I lose my mind and It seems like you just want to fight. What do you want from me? If I’m so bad than just walk away. No reason left for you to stay. Why won’t you let me be? You’re the problem and I’m not the solution. Our love is endless confusion and misery, sweet misery. You lie like a rug that will never come clean. Tell me stories I never believe. What do you want from me?