From the recording A Boy Named Suicide

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Smoke and drink and smoke and drink and smoke and drink and smoke and drink and smoke. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. This portrait of my life is nothing but a blur. They keep my head spinning every single day. They do their best to keep me this way. The fact of the matter I could never understand . Someone can pretend to be someone’s friend, stab them in the back with a smile on their face, chew on their heart and savor the taste. They all know where I belong. They’re all right and I’m all wrong. Still I strive for positive in a world that’s negative…and the cycle repeats. People hate me ‘cause I always speak the truth. Get so depressed want to jump off the roof. Don’t believe in happiness, never seen the proof ‘cause my dreams they never came true. Every day I worry and every day I stress and my head is always such a mess. I’ll never pass this test, I always have to guess. So I’ll fail just like the rest.