1. Put Me Away

From the recording Put Me Away

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I'm a danger to others and myself. Shock therapy will never help with all the pain in this life that I've felt. And I could never be like them. Play the role and just pretend everything's gonna be OK. Put me away. Blue skies turning to gray. Put me away. Talk to myself all alone. Lights are on but no one's home. That's why they put me away. Put me away (out of sight/out of my mind). Blue skies turning to gray. Put me away. “What on Earth is the matter with me? What's happening? Delusions, that's what they are. They're delusions. I must be sick. I must be running a fever. I'm not even warm. I don't have any fever. No fever at all.” I swear that I saw something. They're telling me it's nothing. It's in my head. With all the lies I'm fed, I'd be better off dead. Kill me now please somebody shoot me in the face. Tired of this world. Sick of the whole human race. The person in the mirror is a person full of fear staring back at me.