1. 8 Staples

From the recording Put Me Away

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Coming down I think of you up somewhere. I made it through another night just because of you. My morality was never true. Pick me up when I fall from all the drugs and alcohol. My hope it stood at ten feet tall. Now my anger devoured it all. Through trying to find the reasons why I gave up on having pride. Grass is greener on the other side. I'll stay here 'till I decide what is best for me. As I continue to dig my hole, I realize my addiction has taken it's toll. Seems I'll never achieve my goal. Release my breaks, in to hell I roll. Their antics are sharp, my inspiration is dull. My greatest idea somebody stole. My push is no match to gravity's pull. Have no choice but to lose control (lose all control). Start smoking dope. It's too late to go back. It's too overwhelming to stay on track. My dreams end where meth began, at the bottom of the bottle in Romoland. Smoking dope is twice as bad than getting drunk and fighting with your dad. One more time for the fucking thrill: Fuck my life, gonna take that pill! It's so easy to use hard drugs, when it's the only thing that gives you hugs. If you can't stop shooting dope, cut your wrist and hang from a rope. Eight staples in my fucking head.