1. Romoland Sue

From the recording Put Me Away

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Here's my story, it's sad but true. It's about a whore that I once knew. She took my dope and ran around with every swinging dick in town. Hate. Hate. Should have known from the very start, junkie bitch would rip me apart. Steals dope is what I'm telling you. Keep away from Romoland Sue. Miss her lips but I hate her face. Sucks me off and I feel disgrace. Don't want your penis to burn like mine do. Keep away from Romoland Sue. Hate. Hate. She likes to fuck around, use you and she'll put you down. Until you see it with your own eyes, she likes to fuck other guys. Moral from the story from the guy who knows, fell in love and my hate still grows. Ask drug dealers she used to screw. Keep away from Romoland Sue. Yeah, you know what she'll do. Keep away from Sue.